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Do you need representation in the Ontario Courtroom? When facing Small Claims Court in Southern Ontario, ACS can be a strong ally to helping you get what is rightfully yours. 
Life happens, and sometimes debts are not paid. However, if a Court Order is issued wages or bank accounts may be garnished. The Provincial Law in Ontario states that the maximum amount allowed to be garnished from an Ontario employee is 20% of their net monthly wages. 
Although garnishments can often take some time to come to fruition, with the help of ACS Paralegal you can get what’s owed to you. While going to court is usually a last resort, we can assist in getting you a Judgment Order and validate the debt that is owed. 

Garnishments, Ontario employee

Don’t let someone walk away with your hard-earned money. Contact Us first. 

*** Licensed through the Law Society of Upper Canada, our governing body, we are members in good standing. ***

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