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Attendance at Pre-Trials

Attendance at Pre-Trials

The legal process in Canada is often detailed, lengthy and procedural. Sometimes taking months or years to finally get through the system to plead your case, or reach a settlement. With years of experience in court, we know the ins-and-outs of the Canadian legal system better than anyone. 
Having a seasoned Paralegal by your side can greatly assist you in taking advantage of unforeseen events. Our paralegals will:
  • Use their knowledge to help obtain favourable settlements
  • Help clear you of any charges
  • Move your case through to the next level based on its urgency
Attendance at Pre-Trials
Over the years, ACS has settled hundreds of cases at the Settlement Conference stage and will use that same experience and expertise to communicate on your behalf to obtain a favourable settlement, or acquire the necessary information to properly prepare for Trial. It’s best practice to have an expert attend your pre-trials and settlement conferences. While it can be more expensive, in the long run, the expense is more than justifiable.

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