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Paralegal Services

At ACS Paralegal, we focus on serving clients’ unique litigation needs throughout Hamilton, Kitchener and Niagara Falls, achieving optimum results – in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
Our dedicated and experienced Paralegals not only have years of experience in a broad suite of paralegal services, they each also offer specialties in different areas of law, including:
  • Small Claims
  • Landlord Tenant Issues
  • Provincial Offences


Court Representation

Our mission is to work in partnership with you, guide you through the legal process and offer support 

Landlord and

At ACS, our paralegals are experts when it comes to the complex field of Landlord and Tenant Law. 

Enforcing Judgements

At ACS Paralegal, our paralegals are ready to assist and represent your case. 

Private Investigators

The professional paralegal team at ACS are experts in money and property recovery in Southern Ontario.


Need a Professional Consultation?


Specialized & Experienced in:

Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant & Provincial Offences, including Traffic Tickets
For years, our seasoned paralegals have spent countless hours in Small Claims, Landlord Tenant and Provincial Offences Court for a wide variety of legal matters, including Ticket Defense, Landlord Tenant Disputes, Provincial Offences and more.

We Can Assist In Collecting Your Monies

Many clients obtain Judgments through courts but are unable to locate the debtor, or discover assets or income that can be seized or garnished. ACS is proud to partner with two well-established and licensed collection agencies that greatly improve chances of a successful recovery.
Not only do we provide the necessary legal steps to obtain a Judgment – we maximize the chances of collecting your monies!

Custom Legal Services – Tailored To Your Needs

From educated advice, to representation, or even the preparation of documents for use in court proceedings, our vast paralegal resources are customized to fit your unique needs – at a more affordable rate than law firms.
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*** Licensed through the Law Society of Upper Canada, our governing body, we are members in good standing. ***

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