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Skip Tracing, Private Investigators

Skip Tracing, Private Investigators

The professional paralegal team at ACS are experts in money and property recovery in Southern Ontario.
Our services include court representation, as well as the enforcement of judgments including skip tracing and private investigators.
Need to locate someone’s whereabouts? It seems a common practice for anyone owing a substantial amount of money to skip town and drop off the radar. Put our expert paralegals to the test!
We collect as much information about the person in question as we can. From there we analyze and verify all information in order to discover where the debtor has re-located. Third parties are often of assistance in these cases, including neighbours, employers, friends and common people in restaurants or on the debtor’s path that can offer more insight into their whereabouts.
Let us assist in the recovery of your property or monies.
Skip tracing, private investigators

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*** Licensed through the Law Society of Upper Canada, our governing body, we are members in good standing. ***

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