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Judgments & Orders from The Landlord Tenant Board

Judgments & Orders from The Landlord Tenant Board

As a landlord or tenant in the Province of Ontario, you can sometimes run into problems on either side of the spectrum. At ACS Paralegal we can assist with both court representation and the enforcement of Tribunal Order Judgments
While the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act is clear, it is not always acted upon in the correct manner, leaving questions unanswered resulting in unfair treatment. As a landlord, it can be a challenging task to choose the correct tenant. You are entitled to: 
  • A Rent Deposit
  • To Collect Rent Every Month In A Timely Manner
  • The Right To Evict Under The Correct Guidelines
Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, at ACS we will counsel you on your rights and serve you with integrity and knowledge.
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As a tenant you should know your rights, including:
  • No Rent Increase Without Proper Notice,
  • Following The Correct Rent Increase Guidelines
  • Landlords Cannot Show Up Uninvited
  • You Cannot Be Asked To Move Without Proper Reason
  • Landlords Must Keep Your Home Safe & In Good Repair 

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